Eltrip 7k -
Easy-to-use friction meter

Eltrip-7k friction meters are based on measuring the vehicle deceleration during braking and using it is so very easy - all you need to do is plug in in cigarette lighter when starting, press a single button to start measurement, brake, and the meter does the rest!

Guaranteed quality: All Eltrip-meters have been approved by Finnish Ministry of Traffic to be used for all wintertime friction measurements.


Easy to set up

Eltrip-7k does not need to be permanently installed to vehicle systems. You can just sit in a vehicle, plug it in cigarette lighter and meter is ready to measure. Exact measurement results may vary from vehicle to vehicle, so calibration is necessary to guarantee accurate results.

Easy to measure

Friction measurement is done with a short, approx two second long braking, during which the meter will measure the deceleration of vehicle and calculates the road friction cofficient based on that. Measurement is quick and easy, and can be done whenever needed.

Easy to transfer results

Eltrip-7kmb -model has built-in BlueTooth-functionality that allows you to transfer the measurement results to for example a computer, phone or other suitable device for further processing. Keeping the records on friction couldn't be easier.

Available models

The list below lists the different Eltrip-7k models: