Reliable on-road measurement

Fall 1983, somewhere in northern Finland...

Jouni stops his truck at given address and starts unloading last cargo of this day before starting the weekend and heading off to gather cloudberries. Fifteen minutes later he hops on the drivers seat and grins quickly to the man sitting on passenger's seat.
"Okay, we're done, I'll just quickly calculate the kilometres..."
He digs for a paper notebook from the storage compartment and leafs through it until he finds the last page with markings on it.
"So now the total is that... 'K, and last was, what is that stain..." He writes a few markings down. "Oh, and yesterday it was... Now wait, oh, right, from the gravel pit to Kemppainen, that's about 34 kilometres..."
On passenger's seat Seppo Räsänen quietly watches him and thinks:
"There has to be a better way to do that..."

Update Nov 29 2012:All-new, modern Eltrip-65-series distance, high-precision and friction meters are now available.

Update Nov 29 2012: Interested on seeing how our meters tolerate being installed on a motorcycle? This summer I had an Eltrip-R20 on my motorcycle. Pictures and report on what happened can be found here.

Trippi Oy has been designing and manufacturing accurate and reliable automotive measurement devices for nearly 30 years for the professionals and hobbyists alike. Over the years our measurement devices have been installed on just about anything that travels on wheels - from bicycles and motorcycles to locomotives and industrial excavators.

We offer measurement devices for many uses, including rally, taxis, road construction and maintenance, wintertime condition tracking and work time logging. No matter what your measurement need is, we can offer a devices that suits just your needs.

 Finnish design - All our meters have been designed and manufactures in Finland
Our quality system is ISO 9001:2015-certified.