ELTRIP-R20 - Next generation rally meter

Update Sep 2013: Affordable Eltrip-R20 LE model is now available. LE has fewer features than full R20, making it perfect for a limited budget.

Update Nov 2012: Interested on seeing how our meters tolerate being installed on a motorcycle? This summer I had an Eltrip-R20 on my motorcycle. Pictures and report on what happened can be found here.

ELTRIP-R20 is a next generation rally meter that is specially designed for rough environment. Self-lit graphical display is easily readable in any lighting conditions and ability to select any combination of information to the display at a given time makes reading the display easy even at during the toughest race.

You can define the meter display to show exactly the information you need - from one large full-screen reading to up to four different information displays. Internal RPM measurement with change light indicators allow you to concentrate to the road instead of the engine. And your own freely selectable image or logo makes your car just that special bit of more representative during those pit stop shows...

Features of R20:

R20 is also available as affordable R20 LE -model, where some of the features of full R20 are not available. As R20 LE can be upgraded to full R20 at any time, it is perfect for a limited budget - if you don't need all the features of R20 right now, you can get R20 LE and upgrade it later.

Features of R20 LE as they differ from standard R20:

We can deliver meters within European Union region. Contact us for details, or information about our export (non-EU) pricing and policies.

You can download Eltrip-R20 manual (PDF) here.

Eltrip-R20 pricing (incl. VAT)

ELTRIP-R20 496,00 € - Includes magnetic sensor and 3 magnets
ELTRIP-R20 450,63 € - Without sensor
ELTRIP-R20 LE 365,80 € - Affordable basic mode; includes magnetic sensor and magnets
ELTRIP-R20 LE 322,40 € - Affordable basic mode; without sensor
ELTRIP-R20f 616,97 € - With fuel measurement and magnetic sensor + 3 magnets
ELTRIP-R20f 571,62 € - With fuel measurement, no sensor
Sensor ET-RD/R 69,46 € - as accessory, including 3 magnets
Pulse divider /8 29,26 €
Custom logo 24,80 €