ELTRIP-R10 is excellent meter for Rally- and ST drivers. Bright self-illuminated display makes the readings easy to read at any lighting condidionts.
Clearly marked buttons make meter usage easy and quick, as all main operations are reachable with single key press.

ELTRIP-R10 comes equipped with ease of use by default, as during race there is no time to ponder how to use the meter. You are always just one key press away from the information you need - be it clock time, distance, speed or any other.

Reliability and durability are also key features of ELTRIP-R10. The meter has been designed with over 10 years of experience to tolerate even hashest operating environments and work reliably year after year - some of our products first delivered 25 years ago are still in use today!

Keys starting from left:
     C      trip / stopwatch reset
    S/T    speed     +
              avg speed +
              stop time
    1        metre trip   (näytössä)
    2 . 3  10m trips 
    V       time of day
    |-       start stopwatch
    -|       stop stopwatch

    width    120 mm
    height   46 mm
    depth     30 mm

    Easy to place in the car!


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